I am Vin, a digital artist in England working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration. My speciality is characters in an 'anime' style, but I sometimes deviate from this for professional work. I primarily work with a desaturated palette.

2021 - ENOSHIMA INSIDER - page artist, credited
2022 - I Am Mukuro! - page artist, credited
2022 - Dangan Mall - page artist, credited
2023 - FACE - book cover artist, credited

(chronological order)

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium 2017
Medibang Paint Pro (desktop)


half body£30
full body£40

props£1-3 per prop (depends on size / complexity)
additional character (in same piece)+75% of character price
simple packground (pattern)free
complex background (scene)£15+ (ask)

When Ordering

- Message me on Twitter or Instagram or email me. (if i haven't responded to your email in a couple days please nudge me elsewhere as it may have ended up in spam)
- If you have an idea of what you'd like to be happening in the commission, please tell me!
- Send a visual reference of the character(s) you want me to draw.
- You will be asked to sign a contract which will confirm the commission.

Terms of Service

- If you commission me then you agree to my terms of service.
- I complete commissions in the order I received them, or depending on their due date. If I have multiple commissions to complete then your wait may be longer than usual.
- See my Waiting List for an idea of how busy I am.
- Please let me know if you need the commission completed by a deadline and I'll tell you if it's possible.
- I only accept GBP (£) PayPal payments. Through invoice or PayPal link.
- I require full payment after you are happy with the WIP sketch.
- You cannot cancel the commission once I have received payment.
- I have the right to cancel and refund the money for the commission at any time.
- I will draw non-human characters as long as they are human-like. If you're unsure, please ask.
- I will not draw characters that will not suit my style, or that I am not practised enough with to provide a good final result. This can include elderly features, and some male bodies.
- I will not convert real people into my art style, aside from people in cosplay.
- I will not draw fetish art, even if seemingly SFW in nature.
- I will not design characters.
- I will not draw firearms.
- I will not draw genitalia.
- If you are intending to use the commission to make money (merchandise or promotional material), it comes with additional fees. These will be detailed upon inquiry.

page artistENOSHIMA INSIDER - completed [2021]
art drawn in 2021

I Am Mukuro! - completed [2022]
finished piece not available
Dangan Mall - completed [2023]
art drawn in 2022

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Queen of Liars: Celestia - completed [2022]
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DanganGarden - completed [2023]